Remedies to stop hair fall

The vitiated pitta along with dosha like vayu burns the scalp (i.e. root of hair) and produces hair fall (in Sanskrit it is known as “khalitya”.

In texts of Ayurveda, every disease has been described in detail. There are many diseases, symptoms of which are described in texts but we don’t find the name of that particular disease. Because of this reason, it is considered that it is a modern disease and Ayurveda, being old science, doesn’t have its solution. Such myths are nothing but the lack of awareness about power of Ayurveda and legacy our ancestors have left for well being of all generations.

There is clear description of symptoms and treatment of every disease and it all depends upon how one is able to interpret it. In Samhita granthas (Ayurveda texts), detailed meaning is explained through sloka (a pair of successive lines of verse).

From the clear explanation of baldness in Ayurveda health science, it occurs due to body’s internal process and not due to any external cause. If body remains healthy internally then hair can be maintained healthy and beautiful. Our Hair is a good indicator of what is right and wrong with our body. When our hair is Shiny and bouncy, we can be sure that our body is good in condition as well. Hair will not become healthy only by applying hair oil, hair packs, etc. externally. One can’t stop hair fall without taking internal medicines and supplements of calcium and Iron.

Apart from this, the phrase vayu and other doshas explain that vitiated kapha or pitta can also be responsible for hair fall. But meagerly, if pitta gets vitiated, it causes hair fall.Generally it has been found that due to vitiated pitta and in the persons with pitta predominance, falling of hair is common and herbs can stop hair fall with cold potency.

Factors responsible for hair fall:

  • Long time illness, chronic dysentery, diseases on scalp like follicles, baldness
  • Improper methods of combing hair or folding hair tightly.
  • Experimenting various methods on hair like chemical based hair oil, various colors, dyes, etc. these will cause diseases of scalp.
  • Females suffering from diseases like leucorrhoea (white discharge), metrorrhagia, miscarriages, period of menopause, etc.
  • Vices like tobacco chewing, smoking, etc.
  • Mental tension, stress, fear, anger, grief, etc.
  • Not cleaning hair for long time. Keeping oil in hair for long time will cause scalp diseases, which is responsible for hair fall.
  • Deficiency of Protein, Iron, Calcium in diet.
  • Side effects of many allopathic medicines.
  • Hair fall may also manifest as a symptom of any specific disease like Sprue, diseases of thyroxin from thyroid gland. Normally a lady who has undergone with Hysterectomy i.e. removal of uterus commonly suffers from hair fall.
  • Drinking water with lots of alkalies.
  • Repeated use of sour products like lemon, orange, curd, buttermilk, etc. on scalp will give rise to dandruff.
  • On the basis of Prakruti, persons with pitta- kapha and pitta-vata commonly suffer from this problem.
  • According to Ayurvedic texts, natural kapha holds the hair due to its Snigdha quality and deformed kapha will cause itching and hair fall.
  • Intake of things like cold drinks, ice creams, excessive use of hot products like bajri (millet), marich (black pepper), ginger, carrot oily foods, refrigerated food. Heavy foods like curd, bananas, shrikhand for a long time will cause hair fall.
  • Washing hair with extremely hot and cold water one after the other, sleeping during daytime, coughing, running nose, burning sensation in body, acidity causes hair fall.
  • Untreated dandruff for longer period causes folliculitis.

Remedies to stop hair fall:

  • Manage dietary and living habits according to seasons.
  • Keep body healthy, If body is healthy then your hair will also remain healthy.
  • Protect hair from sunlight, very hot or very cold water.
  • Do not wash your hair without adding oil to it.
  • Some women have wrong habit of oiling their hair at night when hair is already dirty, and then washing it off next day. The dirt will stick to scalp and form layers that give space for fungi to grow. So, it is better to remove dirt, dust, sweat, etc. by washing hair in shower and then add oil to hair and wash it next day with mixture of amlaki, arishta, and shikakai or any other herbal shampoo.
  • Avoid using sour things like lemon, curd, buttermilk, etc. on scalp.
  • Do not apply more than required oil to hair.
  • Tilt head forwards, and comb hair in opposite direction. Keep as it is for 5-10 minutes and repeat this process everyday.
  • Cover your hair while traveling. Protect hair from heavy winds.
  • Do not use comb in wet hair.
  • Avoid use of hair spray, dryer, roller setting, electric roller, clipper, etc.
  • In Ayurvedic treatment Shirodhara which is a purification therapy is considered to be the most unique. This therapy which is a part of Panchakarma involves the complete cleansing of the body and eliminating the toxins present by gently pouring medicated liquids over the forehead.
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