Panchkarma Treatment to be healthy and disease free

Panchkarma Treatment to be healthy and disease free

PANCHKARMA is best treatment for healthy person as well as diseased person.

We can treat serious diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Asthma, Piles, Liver disease, Paralysis, Neurological problems and other hair & skin disorders from root cause. By PANCHKARMA we detoxify whole body, S that automatically diseases  are treated. Healthy person has to habit of taking PANCHKARMA treatment of wellness.

Panchkarma is one of the best  treatment in world where we can treat maximum disease through root. For example diabetes, so many patients are suffered from diabetes this days in all age group. We go to allopathic consultant and start with single medicine then transferred to two or more in combination and lastly on insulin. Then dose of insulin increased gradually as per required. Ayurveda treat this in reverse. If we properly take diet only two times, exercises regularly and take Ayurvedic PANCHKARMA treatment then we can first stop insulin, continuing allopathic medicine with Ayurveda medicine and lastly with only continue with Ayurveda medicine with sugar properly in control.  So PANCHKARMA treatment like Vaman virechan basti nasaya Raktamokshna is really effective in cure as well as control diabetes.

 As we know. we service our car by 3_4 month because there is wearing and tearing but we ignore our body. So many heart attack we can prevent by regular body check up. We can understand new disease like thyroid, cholesterol, vitamin Deficiency ,diabetes by blood investigation. By PANCHKARMA we keep this all disease away from your body. So sound body have sound mind. Take Ayurvedic treatment and stay healthy.

Article by Dr.Shivaji kalel

Dr SHIVAJI KALEL Ayurveda Consultant practice since last 17 year. Interested in treatment of chronic diseases, blood pressure, Asthama, Arthritis, Acidity, Infertility, skin diseases, Hair treatment, Piles, and obesity. I have two CENTERS one is in GHATKOPAR East pantnagar another one is in Govandi SHIVAJINAGAR. I have full PANCHKARMA set up. I treat chronic dise... Read More →

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