Hair quality damage - causes?

Hair plays a prominent role in any human being’s appearance. Today, we have more awareness about our hair than before because everyone wants to look attractive. Scientists have discovered that on an average there are 1 lakh hairs on our scalp. If any injury occurs on head or if there are burns sustained by head, the roots under our scalp die out, stopping the growth of the hair on that part of the head or scalp.

Each hair growing on our head has a particular corresponding root just below the skin of the head called as Metrics. Inside these metrics the melanocyte stem cells are located. Inside these melanocyte stem cells lies melanin that makes the hair look black. Due to old age or unfavourable circumstances, when these cells are reduced, our hairs start to grow white. These cells are also responsible to make our skin black or white, and they also protect us from heat.

Our hairs get more nutrition due to excess blood circulation in summer that is why our hair grows faster in summer than winter. Our hormones affect our hairs too. Due to testosterone that males grow beard or moustache. If we don’t cut our hair for some years, they grow constantly. After growing to a certain length our hairs stop growing further.

For short period, the cells, which are responsible for the growth of hairs, are at rest, as soon as this short period is over, new hair starts to grow from the roots. Then, the new hairs push the old hair out, which results in hair fall.

Like any other part of our body, our hairs also get worn out and start to fall-off.

Reasons for increased hair fall

Long time sicknesses such as dysentery, dandruff, typhoid, etc. also cause excessive hair fall. Improper nutrition also results in hair fall whereas a lack of protein intake also makes hair weak. Avoid shampoo, dyes, perfumed hair oil, hairsprays, etc. as they contain harmful chemicals responsible for hair greying or whitening. Also, smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol, or chewing tobacco also harms hairs badly. Mental stress, worries, fears, sorrows, and shocks aren’t healthy for our hair health either. Women suffering from menopause, menorrhagia (rakta pradar or abnormal uterine bleeding), leucorrhoea (shvet pradar or whitish discharge from female vaginal tract) also amount to excessive hair fall.

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