About Amazing Ayurveda

Amazing Ayurveda is an innovative service provider firm engaged in various activities related to Ayurveda. Amazing Ayurveda web platform is a flagship division for connecting everybody in Ayurveda sector worldwide. Dr. Hasmukh J. Soni, Mr. Biren Deliwala and Mr. Chintan Patel formed Amazing Ayurveda. Promoter team is a perfect combination of knowledge and skills in all three sectors; Ayurveda, branding and technology. Moreover, a team is blessed with expert core team consisting hardcore professionals with core expertise. This initiative is now a mission for promoting Ayurveda at all levels for the benefit of billions of lives.

Amazing Ayurveda is a revolutionary project founded by veterans having very rich experience in the field of Ayurveda, brand development and web technology. Dr. Hasmukh J. Soni, Chairman of GBAU (Gujarat Board for Ayurvedic & Unani system of medicine), Mr. Biren Deliwala, partner of Perpetual Brand Consulting and Mr. Chintan Patel, technocrat at Net Spidder laid down the foundation brick of the project.

Dr. Hasmukh Soni, a person who needs no formal introduction because of his remarkable performance in promoting Ayurveda at state, central and international level. He is holding top positions at various state level and central level institutions for developing and promoting Ayurveda sector like GAMA, GAB, ISM, etc.

Mr. Biren Deliwala has over 24 years of experience in brand development consultancy with a dedicated focus on creative implementation of strategic promotional activities. Propelled with entrepreneur skills, he has mastered the art of helping start up companies becoming a known brand with pan India distribution set up in shortest possible period. A well traveled professional with a result-oriented attitude.

Mr. Chintan Patel is highly qualified technocrat with multiple abilities. He weares many hats being project head, sales professional, creative visualizer and a trainer. He has worked for large sized projects for almost every major country. Hard core professional attitude, timeline management, cutting edge technical knowhow and business development skills makes him reliable to complete project on time, every time.

Worldwide people use the word Ayurveda and herbal science interchangeably. Herbs are just one small branch of Ayurveda science. Ayurveda is perfect science and is available for well being of human being since over 20,00,000 years. Despite the fact that many things, creatures didn’t survive due to evolution, Ayurveda is still applicable with its effectiveness to cure people. This fact enlightens us that God will never take back things that are necessary for all human being.

The way of treating disease may have changed with time but human body is still same i.e. made of five elements of Universe. Ayurveda science understands human mind and body in totality. Approach of treatment is holistic and takes into account mind, body and soul together.

Amazing Ayurveda is formed to bring out the power and magical results of Ayurveda among all. All activities necessary to meet the noble objective would be carried out professionally by creating win-win situation for all associated directly or indirectly. Basically we can divide people into 2 categories; one is consisted with service providers like practitioners, manufacturers, treatment experts, hospitals, colleges, etc. On other side, people who are suffering from diseases or people who pursue preventive health management science. Amazing Ayurveda would be a bridge to connect both ends. There are number of projects undertaken to achieve this goal, first being a dedicated web platform to provide authentic data and bring out top treatment and medicine for the benefit of patients. Parallel activity would be to educate society at large scientifically about great Ayurveda health science.


Major Objectives of Amazing Ayurveda


Helping Researchers

Promote researchers to develop fastest and best possible medicines that don’t have side effects.

Promoting Products

Helping researchers and standard manufacturers to market their products nationally and internationally.

Educate Society

Educate society at large for benefit of Ayurveda and importance of holistic health for disease free society.


Training & Development

Training ayurvedic practitioners to do practice in a better way, adopt standard practice, create their valuable image in society.

Establish Authenticity

Making India proud of its own ancient wisdom and make World realize power of Indian medicinal wisdom. It is not just the “Alternative medicine”.

Connecting Billions

Connecting all practitioners, hospitals, colleges, universities, health resorts, manufacturers, traders, service providers and others through web.


Apart from various online activities, awareness and promotion, we have charted plans to do offline events, activities for connecting to people personally.
Conclusively, Amazing Ayurveda has come to existence because Ayurveda is Amazing!!!